International Scholarly Research Notices / 2013 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

Supplements and Foods with Potential Reduction of Blood Pressure in Prehypertensive and Hypertensive Subjects: A Systematic Review

Table 2

Descriptive statistics for variables in supplementation.


Vitamins and minerals

Dosage15141 x ao dia (8 studies)
Supplementation time154168 weeks (5 studies)
Reduction in SBP152.012.08 mmHg (2 studies)
Reduction in DBP151.010.06 mmHg (2 studies)

Antioxidants components

Dosage5132 x ao dia (2 studies)
Supplementation time54126 weeks (2 studies)
Reduction in SBP53.018.04 mmHg (2 studies)
Reduction in DBP55.07.04 mmHg (2 studies)

Aminoacids and proteins

Supplementation time3312
Reduction in SBP31.010.0
Reduction in DBP33.06.0

Foods in nature

Dosage4141 x/day (2 studies)
Supplementation time4488 weeks (3 studies)
Reduction in SBP43.015.08 mmHg (2 studies)
Reduction in DBP44.06.04 mmHg (2 studies)

Commercial supplements

Dosage13131 x/day (7 studies)
Supplementation time84126 weeks (5 studies)
Reduction in SBP86.08.05 mmHg (2 studies)
Reduction in DBP134.08.0

SBP: systolic blood pressure. DBP: diastolic blood pressure.