International Scholarly Research Notices / 2013 / Article / Tab 2

Clinical Study

Large Clothing Size in Children Is Associated with High Body Mass Index and Clustering of Medical Comorbidities

Table 2

Result of logistic regression to estimate the adjusted odds ratio for the association of CS with clustering of obesity-associated morbidities.

Independent predictorsOR95% CIP value

Model 1: without indices of adiposity
 CS > +22.421.433.45<0.001
 Age (per year)
 Sex (girl versus boy)0.790.59–1.060.471
Model 2: including indices of adiposity
 NC  >  90th percentile2.981.44–6.140.003
 BMI  >  85th percentile1.831.21–2.840.006
 CS > +21.641.02–2.670.043
 Abdominal obesity1.280.77–2.130.331
 Age (per year)0.840.62–1.150.183

Abbreviations: CS: clothing size; NC: neck circumference; BMI: body mass index; OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval.