Research Article

Occipital Emissary Foramina in South Indian Modern Human Skulls

Table 2

Location of occipital emissary foramina in different populations.

Study ( )Right of EOCLeft of EOCOn the EOCBilateral Near FM Near EOP

Present study (21)061002032001
Boyd (24) [7]Nil Nil Nil NilNil24
Sharma et al. (1) [8]NilNil01Nil01Nil
Premsagar et al. (07) [4]Nil Nil Nil Nil07Nil
Gozil et al. (8) [5]Nil Nil Nil Nil08Nil
Hossain et al. (21) [6]100704Nil21Nil

FM: foramen magnum (posterior border), EOC: External Occipital Crest, EOP: External Occipital Protuberance.