Research Article

Peer-Supported Diabetes Prevention Program for Turkish- and Arabic-Speaking Communities in Australia

Table 3

The group education intervention program based on the training manual.


Session 1

(1)Welcome and introduction20
(2)Program outline5
(3)Prediabetes talk25
(4)Benefits of healthy lifestyle10
(5)Weight management25
(6)Reducing fats and sugars 25
(7)Pedometer 5
(8)Quiz A5

Session 2

(9)Exercise session10
(10)Review homework from previous week10
(11)Physical activity30
(12)Healthy eating30
(13)Self care10
(14)Stress management10
(15)Quiz B5
(16)Bringing it altogether15

Education tools

(i) Electronic weight scale and tape measure
(ii) Poster: the Australian guide to healthy eating for display
(iii) Food basket for display
(iv) Pedometer
(v) Oil spray
(vi) Sugar poster
(vii) Drink bottles containing sugar
(viii) Picture booklet: foods and exercise
(ix) Butchers’ paper, bulldog clips, blue tack