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ISRN Operations Research
Volume 2013, Article ID 738270, 7 pages
Research Article

Mathematical Modeling of a Supply Chain with Imperfect Transport and Two-Echelon Trade Credits

Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Pondicherry University Community College, Pondicherry 605 008, India

Received 25 February 2013; Accepted 21 March 2013

Academic Editors: M. Fakhar and Y. Kara

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Although a smoothly running supply chain is ideal, the reality is to deal with imperfectness in transportations. This paper tries to propose a mathematical model for a supply chain under the effect of unexpected disruptions in transport. Supplier offers the retailer a trade credit period and the retailer in turn offers his customers a permissible delay period. The retailer offers his customers a credit period and he receives the revenue from to , where is the cycle time at the retailer. Under this situation, the three cases such as , , and are discussed. An EPQ-based model is established and retailer's optimal replenishment policy is obtained through mathematical theorems. Finally, numerical examples and sensitivity analysis are presented to felicitate the proposed model.