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Research Article

Investigation of Students’ Alternative Conceptions of Terms and Processes of Gene Technology

Table 6

Common categories of students’ conceptions about the terms and processes of gene technology (students’ key words for each category within students’ quotations in italic letters).

CategoryDefinition:Students’ application toSample student’s quotation
conception is connected tothe term/process of …

GenotypeGenotypic level.Gene … means genetic information
Genetic engineering … means genes of the person …
Clone … exists with the same genes.
Inheritance of traits … means that one has got different genes from his/her parents.
Change of genotype … means that hereditary information will be changed.

PhenotypePhenotypic level.Gene … which eye color one has, …
Genetic engineeringTraits of plants are being changed.
CloneIf a person is cloned he/she looks like the one he/she has been cloned from.
Inheritance of traitsMaybe the size, the appearance  … is meant here.
Transfer of genesIf one pass on a trait to his child.
Change of genotype … is the chemical change of certain traits of the father.

ProcedureTechniques and/or equipment.Genetic engineering … means experiments and investigations regarding genes.
CloneAn animal changed or produced by genetic engineering
Inheritance of traitsSpecific inherited traits are transmitted by birth
Transfer of genes … means that one takes somebody’s genotype and implements it on other persons.
Change of genotype … means that parts of the genotype are changed by medical techniques.

PedigreeWords showing relationships.GeneThe child of a pair has the genes of his/her parents  …
Inheritance of traits … for example, to have genes from one’s father.
Transfer of genesThe genotype we transfer to our sons or daughters.
Change of genotypeFor example, if everybody in the family has blond hair and one child has red hair.

ValuationValue-related aspects.Genetic engineeringIf one tries to create a perfect human being.
Clone … However, he/she is not human, because he/she was created, for example, by some scientists or physicists.
Change of genotype … is a specific manipulation.

ObjectA specific object.Gene … are small  cells
CloneA copy of a person or an animal.
Enzyme … are corpuscles.
Change of genotypeIf one changes the genes of a human-being.

LocalizationA specific localization.Gene … inside of the person
Enzymewithin cells

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