Figure 8: Peptide-specific IFN-γ response to DPX-0907 and to a vaccine with peptides in CE platform in tumor-bearing and tumor-free HLA-A2 transgenic mice. Groups of naïve AAD mice were left untreated or vaccinated with DPX-0907 or with the peptides in CE formulation. In parallel, mice bearing week 3 and week 5 C3 tumors were vaccinated with DPX-0907 or CE formulation. Draining lymph node cells were harvested after 8 days after vaccination and analyzed for their ability to secrete IFN-γ in response to antigen stimulation in syngenic DC-based ELISPOT assay (a). Data represents mean ± SDM from at least 7 mice per group and from one of two experiments with similar findings. Data from week 3 tumor bearing mice were similar to week-5 tumor-bearing mice (not shown). Intracellular cytokine staining and flow-cytometry, for determining percentages of CD8+IFNγ + cells among total CD8 T cells (b) and CD4+IFNγ + cells among total CD4 T cells (c) cells, were also performed and the mean percentages ± SDM are shown.