Table 4: Compilation of studies used to estimate cropland BVOC emission factors for the MEGAN2.1 model [5]. Emission measurement approaches include enclosure (E), canopy micrometeorological (C), and landscape inverse modeling (L) techniques. Compounds include isoprene (Iso), monoterpenes (MT), sesquiterpenes (SQT), and other (Other).

Location ScaleCompoundsCropReference

Potted plantsEMT, SQT, and OtherPotato[269]
CA, USAEIso, MT, and OtherVarious[270, 271]
CA, USAEIso, MT, and OtherVarious[272]
UKEIso, MT, and OtherMiscanthus, willow coppice[273]
Potted plantsESQT, OtherTobacco[274]
Potted plantsEIso, MT, SQT, and OtherSwitchgrass[275]
Potted plantsESQTCorn[276]
Potted plantsEOtherSorghum[70]
Potted plantsEIsoArundo donax[277]
Spain, ItalyEOtherCorn, pea, barley, and oat [93]
VIC, AustraliaEOtherClover[100]
Potted plantsEIso, MT, SQT, and OtherWheat, rye, rape, and grape[102]
Potted plantsEIsoVelvet bean, kudzu[278]
Potted plantsEOtherSoybean, tomato, bean, and Corn[115]
Potted plantsESQTCorn[279]
Potted plantsESQT, OtherSunflower[280]
CO, USAC OtherAlfalfa[282]
Various, USAEIso, MT, OtherVarious[14]