International Scholarly Research Notices / 2013 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

A Statewide Case Management, Surveillance, and Outcome Evaluation System for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Table 2

Proposed outcomes of the project based on national performance measures for children with special health care needs [1] as operationalized by the Omaha System Problem Classification Scheme [4].

NPM: children are screened early and continuously for special health care needs
(Growth and development)*
 Developmental screening results are within normal limits or
 referrals are made

NPM: child has a medical home
(Health care supervision)*
 Caregiver knows when and how to seek emergency, chronic,
 and acute illness and preventive care
 Caregiver follows prescribed/recommended treatment plan
 and preventive care
 Consistently uses medical home and health care resources
 Child receives appropriate timely health care in a medical

NPM: community resources are organized so families can use them easily
(Communication with community resources)*
 Caregiver is aware of community resources as needed and
 knows how to access them
 Caregiver uses resources/services consistently
 Caregiver uses resources/services appropriately

NPM: families have adequate private and/or public insurance to pay for the services they need
 Caregiver knows how to navigate resources
 Caregiver completes financial paperwork accurately and on
 time for medical care
 Health care expenses are covered or paid for

NPM: families are decision makers in their child’s care and are satisfied with the services they receive
 Caregiver knows how to contact CSHCN program as needed.

NPM: National Performance Measure.
*(Omaha System problems corresponding to each NPM noted in parentheses).