Research Article

Computer Assisted Chronic Disease Management: Does It Work? A Pilot Study Using Mixed Methods

Box 1

Semistructured interview schedule.
(1) What challenges, if any, did you experience during the education activity?
(2) What benefits have you noted as a result of being involved in the
     education activity?
(3) From your participation in the educational activity, have you made any
   changes in your use of the Medicare item (721, 723, 732, and 900) numbers?
 (a) If so, what changes have you made (e.g., an increase
    in use)?
 (b) If no changes were made, why?
(4) Did you find using the broadband-based service (cdmNet) beneficial?
    (regarding your use of Medicare item numbers):
 (a) were there any issues?
 (b) If yes, how were they dealt with?
 (c) Would you increase your use of the Medicare items because of this service?