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Review Article

Towards the Consolidation of a Diagramming Suite for Agent-Oriented Modelling Languages

Box 1

Example agent descriptor in Prometheus format.
Name: Travel agent
Description: Arranges holiday for holidaymaker client
Cardinality: One per holidaymaker client
Lifetime: Duration of interaction with Holidaymaker
Initialization: Reads Customer database, receives messages from Holidaymaker
Demise: Closes open database connections
Functionalities included: Obtaining wholesale product, supplying packaged holiday to holidaymaker
Uses data: Customer database, Holiday information database
Produces data: Recommendation to holidaymaker client
Goals: Respond to queries; obtain best deal for wholesaler; package wholesale products for client
Percepts responded to: Logon by holidaymaker
Actions: Advice of cost; Send receipt
Protocols and interactions: Holiday booking protocol, Wholesale holiday purchase