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Towards the Consolidation of a Diagramming Suite for Agent-Oriented Modelling Languages

Table 10

Example of a Prometheus scenario descriptor (after [60], reprinted by permission of the publisher  ©  IGI Global).

Name: new meeting scheduled
Description: the user adds a new meeting
Trigger: new meeting requested by user


1PerceptRequest meetingUser interaction
2GoalPropose time meeting user preferencesMeeting schedulerMeetDB(R), Prefs(R)
3GoalNegotiate with other usersNegotiatorMeetDB(R), Prefs(R)
4GoalUpdate user's diaryMeeting managerMeetDB(W)
5GoalInform others of meetingContact notify
6OtherWait for day of meeting
7GoalRemind user of meetingUser notifyMeetDB(R), Prefs(R)
8GoalRemind others of meetingContact notifyContactInfo(R)

(i) Steps 2 3 may be repeated in order to obtain agreement.
(ii) If agreement on a meeting time is not reached then steps 4–8 are replaced with notifying the user that the meeting could not be scheduled.
(iii) The meeting can be rescheduled or cancelled during step 6 (waiting).
(i) MeetDB(R): meetings database read.
(ii) Prefs(R): user preferences read.
(iii) MeetDB(W): meetings database written.
(iv) ContactInfo(R): contact information read.