International Scholarly Research Notices / 2013 / Article / Tab 4

Review Article

Towards the Consolidation of a Diagramming Suite for Agent-Oriented Modelling Languages

Table 4

Two dimensional matrix for views versus static/dynamic aspects for various AOSE diagram types (modified and reprinted from [19], copyright 2010, with permission from IOS Press).

ViewStatic diagram typesDynamic diagram types

EnvironmentEnvironment description; environmental connectivity; system requirements; use caseN/A
ArchitectureAgent societies/organizationN/A
Agent societiesAgent society details; agent roleConversation (including interaction
and protocol); task
Agent workflowN/AWorkflow
Agent knowledgeGoal; agent type; agent role; plan; ontologyGoal; agent state; capability
Agent servicesAgent society details; agent type; goal; ontologyGoal; task; capability
DeploymentAllocation to run-time platformN/A
UIUser interface designStates and transitions related to interface