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Review Article

Towards the Consolidation of a Diagramming Suite for Agent-Oriented Modelling Languages

Table 6

Initially proposed families and their members.

FamilyMembersShapeColour (optional)Source and/or influence for notation

Agents and roles1Agent, role, group, position, organizationCircle atop mask or rectangleYellowINGENIAS [20]
Tasks and plansAction specification, FAML task, plan specificationCurvilinearGreenISO/IEC [21]
Events and resourcesEvent, resourceTriangularBlue/green
GoalsHard goal, soft goal, beliefComplex curvilinearBrown
OntologyOntology, service, capabilityPolygonalDark blue
Use casesScenario, actorDouble oval, stick figureNonePadgham et al. [2]
MessagesConversation, message in, message outArrow headsB/WPadgham et al. [2]

1Strictly agent types and role types (design time concepts) rather than their run-time equivalents of individual agents and individual roles.