Table 3: Mechanisms leading to autoantibody production in EBA.

MechanismDemonstrated byReference

Genes within MHC locus(i) HLA haplotype in EBA patients
(ii) MHC association in experimental EBA
[8, 68, 80]

Genes outside MHC locus(i) Overrepresentation of black-skinned patients in EBA
(ii) Identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL) in experimental EBA
[8, 77]

CD4 T cells(i) T-cell-deficient nude mice are resistant to induction of immunization-induced EBA
(ii) Time-restricted depletion identifies CD4 T cells to be required for induction of immunization-induced EBA
[66, 83]

HSP90Blockade of HSP90 prevents induction of and improves already established immunization-induced EBA[84]