Research Article

Deformable Contour-Based Maneuvering Flying Vehicle Tracking in Color Video Sequences

Table 1

The probability of tracking error in terms of percent for four different approaches.

Video samples of MAVDB databaseThe proposed method Method of [11] Method of [17]Method of [18]

Video number 2 (Figure 11(f))6.420.49120.71100.457.330.42
Video number 16 (Figure 14(d))25.070.9850.366.50.1660.22
Video number 33 (Figure 11(k))3.170.3412.650.9233.31.4451.56
Video number 46 (Figure 11(i))7.260.55301.8230.8916.40.77

Total videos13.370.8731.142.7223.81.7519.11.09