Table 6: Energy consumption of the electrodialysis cell*.

Process characteristicsEnergy

The central compartment contained a 0.1 M NaCl solution in 5% analytical-grade phosphoric acid
The cell current was constant at 0.2 A, and the average potential was 8.5 V. The NaCl was diluted from 6.27 g to 1.03 g and approximately 40% of the acid was removed
1.57 kWh/kg

The central compartment contained industrial-grade phosphoric acid. The cell current was constant at 0.2 A, and potential was approximately 8.8 V
The concentration changes are reported in Table 5
7.8 kWh/kg

The volume of the feed tank was 10 L. The flow rate was at 5 Lmin−1; average temperature was 24 ± 2°C. The duration of the experiment was 230 min.