Research Article

Dramatic Increases in Obesity and Overweight Prevalence among Asian Subgroups in the United States, 1992–2011

Table 5

Observed and adjusted prevalence and odds of obesity and overweight and mean body mass index (BMI) among 18 joint racial/ethnic and socioeconomic status (SES) groups: United States, 2006–2011.

Racial/ethnic-SES group Observed prevalence1 Adjusted odds ratio2 Adjusted prevalence2 BMI
%SEOR 95% CI%SEMean SE

ObesityObserved BMI

Non-Hispanic white, low SES32.–15.3632.
Non-Hispanic white, middle SES28.30.36.453.45–12.0728.10.327.60.0
Non-Hispanic white, high SES19.80.43.611.94–6.7118.10.426.50.1
Chinese, low SES4.72.61.470.38–5.718.44.623.10.4
Chinese, middle SES5.00.91.460.69–
Chinese, high SES4.31.31.00Reference5.91.723.00.2
Asian Indian, low SES7.–13.9911.
Asian Indian, middle SES14.72.15.552.80–10.9925.
Asian Indian, high SES7.–4.3811.71.924.50.2
Filipino, low SES29.27.012.384.87–31.4342.
Filipino, middle SES18.91.65.632.91–10.9025.51.926.20.2
Filipino, high SES13.–6.4316.02.425.80.3
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, low SES20.111.28.751.80–42.5834.416.127.21.4
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, middle SES38.54.014.697.03–30.7046.
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, high SES17.–14.5220.
Other Asians, low SES39.02.32.821.24–6.4214.83.424.80.4
Other Asians, middle SES38.50.72.371.27–4.4012.
Other Asians, high SES36.11.11.380.63–

OverweightAdjusted BMI2

Non-Hispanic white, low SES61.31.24.863.65–6.4763.11.328.30.2
Non-Hispanic white, middle SES62.50.34.783.68–6.2062.70.327.60.0
Non-Hispanic white, high SES56.–4.0352.90.526.00.1
Chinese, low SES27.55.41.460.79–2.6835.
Chinese, middle SES31.01.91.791.33–2.4240.
Chinese, high SES24.42.31.00Reference28.22.523.70.2
Asian Indian, low SES62.99.55.732.37–13.8266.
Asian Indian, middle SES44.82.43.672.71–4.9756.82.326.70.2
Asian Indian, high SES40.72.22.451.74–3.4647.52.525.70.2
Filipino, low SES63.67.58.594.00–18.4574.46.429.30.9
Filipino, middle SES54.41.74.493.35–6.0161.31.627.20.2
Filipino, high SES51.42.73.492.49–4.8955.72.526.40.3
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, low SES73.613.313.304.17–42.3981.
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, middle SES72.53.411.086.99–17.5778.72.931.21.0
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, high SES57.010.94.792.05–11.1662.
Other Asians, low SES44.–5.3053.
Other Asians, middle SES35.–2.8244.21.425.40.1
Other Asians, high SES33.12.41.491.07–2.0736.32.424.20.2

OR: odds ratio; SE: standard error; CI: confidence interval. Low SES: education <12 years and family income below poverty level. High SES: education ≥16 years and family income ≥400% of poverty threshold.
1Weighted prevalence.
2Adjusted prevalence was derived from fitted logistic or OLS regression models that included survey year, age, gender, racial/ethnic-socioeconomic group, marital status, and region of residence.