Table 4: Means, standard deviations and intercorrelations for the FTND and HSI with predictor variables (age, AUTOS subscales, percentage of time smoked out of need, and duration of smoking) for nondaily and daily smokers.

Measure12345678M SD

(1) FTND0.680.120.450.390.380.250.080.691.17
(2) HSI0.89−0.040.470.360.380.23−
(3) Age0.340.370.
(4) Withdrawal0.500.430.030.720.700.550.111.322.27
(5) Psychological Dependence0.400.37−0.060.660.770.590.251.872.17
(6) Cue-Induced Cravings0.350.31−0.160.660.580.550.283.592.93
(7) % time smoked out of need0.430.320.160.450.360.290.1419.0227.38
(8) Duration of smoking0.400.410.830.110.06−

M 3.802.1338.156.185.397.9243.8018.65

Note: intercorrelations for nondaily smokers (n = 181) and for daily smokers (n = 241) are presented above and below the diagonal, respectively. Means and standard deviations are presented in the columns for nondaily smokers and in the rows for daily smokers. Correlations are nonparametric ( ).