Table 2: Pulmonary function and comet assay results in the COPD, PE-COPD patients, and control group.

CharacteristicsCOPD ( )PE-COPD ( )Control ( ) value

FEV1 (% predicted) NS
FVC (% predicted) NS
FEV1/FVC (% predicted) NS
Damage index—alkaline comet assay NS
Damage index—1 h of MMS treatment 0.019
Damage index—3 h of MMS treatment 0.000
Damage index—neutral comet assay 0.001
Damage index—FPG comet assay 0.001
Damage index—ENDO III comet assay 0.002

Data are presented as mean ± SD; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; FVC: forced vital capacity; , COPD compared with the PE-COPD; , COPD or PE-COPD compared with the control group.