Table 2: Some examples of clinical trials where heparin is used as a treatment beyond anticoagulant activity (taken from the US National Institute of Health online database and EU Clinical Trials Register in Sept., 2012).

ConditionInterventionPurposePhaseTrial identifier(s)

InfertilityHeparin, nadroparinHeparin increases outcome in poor responders undergoing in vitro fertilisationPhases 2 and 3NCT01315093

HaemodialysisHeparinEvaluates if topically applied heparin to placebo on suitability of constructed primary arteriovenous fistulasPhase 2NCT01382888

Inhalation burns, smoke inhalation injuryHeparinEfficacy of nebulised heparin on lung injury score in inhalation burn injury over normal carePhase 2NTC01454869

Lung cancerTinzaparin/enoxaparinLMWH can inhibit tumour growth and metastasis and enhance survival of patientsPhase 3NCT00475098, NCT00771563, and

InflammationEnoxaparinTreatment of inflammation in intraocular lens implantation and chronic glomerulonephritisPhase 4 
Phase 3

Adenocarcinoma of the colonTinzaparinLMWH reduction of metastases and recurrence in patients as seen in animal modelsPhase 3NCT01455831

Breast, colorectal, Lung, prostate, and venoocclusive cancersDalteparin, nadroparinAssesses if LMWH beyond inhibition of thrombosis improves quality of life over standard treatmentPhases 2 and 3NCT00003674, 2005-005336-27

VulvodyniaEnoxaparinLMWH may reduce pain in women with vulvodyniaPhase 2NCT00874484

Ulcerative colitisDeligoparinuLMWH may help to reduce inflammation in ulcerative colitisPhases 2 and 3NCT00033943

Diabetic foot ulcersDalteparinTreatment on chronic foot ulcers due to peripheral arterial occlusive disease in diabeticsPhases 2 and 3NCT00765063

Ovarian cancerDalteparinAssesses the disease response with LMWH over standard therapyPhase 2NCT00239980

Metastatic Pancreatic cancerO-Desulphated heparin (ODSH)Determines if ODSH is efficacious in patients receiving normal therapyPhase 2NCT01461915

Pregnancy complicationsEnoxaparinEvaluate the efficacy of LMWH on pregnancy outcome in women with previous pregnancy complicationsPhase 32006-004205-26

BurnsHeparinAssess analgesic effect of heparin in topical and parenterally treatmentPhase 22007-004304-12

Cystic fibrosisHeparinNebulised heparin on easing cystic fibrosisPhase 22007-006276-11

Pulmonary conditionsHeparin, desulfated heparinImproves lung function in obstructive pulmonary conditionsPhase 22006-006378-32, 2010-024168-16

LabourNonanticoagulant LMWHReducing prolonged labourPhase 22006-005839-20

MicroalbuminuriaSulodexide (LMWH and dermatan sulphate)Treats microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetesPhase 32005-003158-91