International Scholarly Research Notices / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Early Stakeholder Involvement in the Project Definition Phase: Case Renovation

Table 1

The roles and liabilities of the project stakeholders.

Stakeholder“Official” roles and primary liabilities

CustomerOwner, end customer, and the final decision maker.
Construction consultant
Mostly project manager as well. Project management and coordination with the customer.
An essential link between the customer and other stakeholder groups.
Property managementOperating the property, information management, and preparation of matters.
Looks for opportunities to develop the housing company.
Planning divisionKey public authority. Sets frames and constraints for the project.
ArchitectMain designer. Responsibility for and overseeing of the architecture and designs completed by the design team.
Main contractorHas the greatest responsibility for the practical implementation.
Other designers (incl. structural)Responsible for their own core competencies and fields.
Creation of different alternatives.
NeighborsUnder the influence of the project.
SubcontractorsHired by the main contractor. Implementation of small sections.
SponsorsProvides capital for the project’s implementation. Usually not very interested in the project’s design and implementation.
Material/solution suppliersMay offer design and/or building solutions that differ from traditional solutions (i.e., modular construction).