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Early Stakeholder Involvement in the Project Definition Phase: Case Renovation

Table 2

Why should stakeholders be involved early?

StakeholderRoles and responsibilities in practiceWhy involve early?

CustomerThe board and the shareholders can have different views on the company’s future and development. In the Finnish housing companies, decision making requires unanimity or at least two-thirds majority.Renovation projects are mainly started by the customer. The project fulfills and puts the customer’s needs in practice, and therefore, the needs should be mapped right in the beginning.

Construction consultant/project managerShould go according to the interests of the customer, but sometimes consultants fall into a trap of self-interest.Typically, housing companies are not experts in construction, and therefore, a consultant can help with his expertise.

Property managerThe same property manager can work in the same post for several housing companies, which can cause a conflict of interests.A property manager usually has the best knowledge and information about the property and what we are trying to achieve. Provides source information for designing.

Planning divisionNo difference. Works under the law and regulations.Frames and constraints set for the project are binding, which must be obeyed if the project is carried out.

Architect (main designer)As the main designer, the architect can push design solutions that are not optimal relative to the project.The main designer is in charge of the completion of the designs and the project. The main designer must find the most economical solutions, which are prefaced in the early phases of the project.

Main contractorIf they stick to their role as a builder, there is no chance to innovate or express their practical experience. The good and bad experiences (i.e., solutions, constructability) gained from the previous project are the most useful things to be exploited.

Other designers (incl. structural)Renovation projects can be very complex, and if the designer does not have enough expertise the solutions can be bad.If it is presumed that some specific competence is required, then early involvement should be considered (i.e., the structural designer is a key stakeholder if there is no precise information about the foundations).

NeighborsShowing sympathy for the project can have a positive impact on their own prospective projects and vice versa.It is necessary to check that the requirements and objectives are not inconsistent with each other.

SubcontractorsNo big difference. In some cases, they could express their core competencies.If it is presumed that some specific competence is required, then early involvement is important.

SponsorsNo difference. Access to credit should be checked if external funding is needed.

Material/solution suppliersNo big difference. If the proposed solutions are state of the art, they could express and bring out their experience and expertise better.