Table 1: Study variables and demographics.

N Percent

Dependent variables
30-day mortality40831.9%
Any Major Post-Op Morbidity2753313.0%
Independent variables
 Not present17563983.1%
 Insulin dependent150507.1%
Anesthesia technique
 Monitored anesthesia care30021.4%
Surgical speciality
Gender: male9008842.6%
Smoking within 1 year5054123.9%
Ventilator within 48 hours20571.0%
Cardiac risk10749850.8%
Steroid use58252.8%
10% weight loss35371.7%
Sepsis within 48 hours
 Septic shock18270.9%
Emergent cases2654312.6%
ASA class
 No ASA class assigned20201.0%
 No disturbance163817.7%
 Mild disturbance9618445.5%
 Severe disturbance8133938.5%
 Life threatening148707.0%
Wound classification

COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, ASA: American Society of Anesthesiologists, and SIRS: systemic inflammatory response syndrome.