Research Article

Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin Enhances Th2/Th22 and Reduces IL-17A in Protease-Allergen-Induced Airways Inflammation

Figure 6

Reduced antigen uptake and eosinophils influx in TSLPR−/− mice upon OVA induced allergic asthma model. Dendritic cells were differentiated in vitro from naive bone marrow derived cells. Uptake of OVA-FITC by dendritic cells after 2 h was analyzed by FACS (100  g/mL). The data are given as the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI). OVA peptide specific T cell proliferation was assessed by coculture of DC from WT or TSLPR−/− mice loaded with OVA peptide (10  g/mL) with CFSE labelled CD4+ OT2 T cells (b). Critical role of TSLPR signalling for allergic inflammatory cell recruitment in BALF in OVA immunized and challenged mice (c). OVA sensitized WT and TSLPR−/− mice were challenged three times with OVA instillation. 24 h after the third challenge, eosinophil, lymphocyte, macrophage, and neutrophil recruitment in BAL was determined. These experiments were performed twice ( mice per group). One representative experiment is shown. Values are the mean SEM. of 8 mice per group.