Research Article

Role of Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation on Track and Intensity of Severe Cyclonic Storms

Table 1

Comparison of observed parameters with simulated parameters for cyclone Aila and Jal.

CycloneExperimentLandfall timeLandfall PositionCSLP (hPa)MSW (m/s)

AilaObserved (IMD)08 and 09 UTC of May 25 88E/21.8N96830.84
WRF with FDDA06 UTC of May 25 200988E/21.73N97634
Without FDDABet. 9–12 UTC of May 25 87.13E/20.37N96236

Jal Observed (IMD)Near 16 UTC of Nov. 7 80.2E/13.3N98830.84
WRF with FDDANear 06 UTC of Nov. 7 80.16E/13.67N97640
Without FDDABet. 6–12 UTC of Nov. 7 79.54E/14.6N97840