Table 1: Clinical characteristics and study outcomes of buccal graft urethroplasty.

Variables Dorsal Ventral

Age (years)
 Mean 5554
 Range 12–8410–86
 Mean operating time 2 hours2 hours
 Average length of hospital stay 5 days5 days
Stricture length (cm)
 Mean 4.54.0
Stricture site Bulbar Bulbar††
 Immediate passage of urine 4032
 Recurrence of stricture 85
Follow-up events
 Filiform bougienage42
 Repeated urethroplasty*43
  Urethrocutaneous fistulaNil Nil
 **Erectile dysfunction NilNil
 Postvoid residual urine volumeNot takenNot taken
 Urinary flow rateNot doneNot done
 Donor site complication—Numbness, tightness (Buccal site)NilNil
 Perineal infection 12
Characteristics of failures
 Mean age5964
 Range 30–8032–70

With good outcomes (patients passing urine normally during the follow-up period).
ED questions were posed to those for whom it was appropriate (i.e., had a sexual partner).
One outlier excluded a 10-year-old with a midpenile stricture.
With the exception of one pendulous urethral stricture.