Table 3: Probabilities of not maintaining first job and unemployment given that the worker had left the first job, by educational level and field of study.

Educational labelLabelInstability*Difficulty**Probability of unemployment

Compulsory secondary or lower CS0.6790.3980.271
Noncompulsory secondaryNCS0.5870.2620.153
Lower vocational training
 Social sciencesLVTSS0.6620.3010.199
 Sciences and technology LVTST0.6290.2920.183
 Health and welfare LVTHW0.6270.2280.143
 Other fields LVTO0.7080.3080.218
Higher vocational training
 Social sciencesHVTSS0.6360.2570.164
 Sciences and technology HVTST0.6030.2490.150
 Health and welfare HVTHW0.6010.1900.114
 Other fields HVTO0.6840.2640.180
Short-cycle university
 Social sciencesSUSS0.5980.1540.092
 Sciences and technology SUST0.5900.1370.081
 Health and welfare SUHW0.5120.0540.028
 Other fields SUO0.5750.1770.102
Long-cycle university
 Social sciencesLUSS0.5730.1810.103
 Sciences and technology LUST0.5640.1620.091
 Health and welfare LUHW0.4860.0670.032
 Other fields LUO0.5500.2060.113

These probabilities are calculated evaluating the rest of variables at the sample mean.
*Probability of not maintaining the first job.
**Probability of unemployment given that the worker had left the first job.