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Research Article

Use of Nonspecific, Glutamic Acid-Free, Media and High Glycerol or High Amylase as Inducing Parameters for Screening Bacillus Isolates Having High Yield of Polyglutamic Acid

Table 4

Viscositya of polyglutamic acidb from Bacillus K.

Rpm of spindleViscosity of polymer (1.4%)
Mediumb + 20 g sodium glutamate/LMediumb + 20 g glutamine/L


Viscosity (centipoise = 0.01 poise gm−1 cm−1 s) of the broth was measured at 30°C using Brookfield DV II + viscometer using a small sample adapter at a varying spindle speeds. Xanthan gum (0.25%) was used as standard for viscosity (20–60 cp) at various rpm (5–100). bPolymer was extracted from broth or solid medium (medium: sodium citrate 20 g/L and glycerol 40 g/L, in Bushnell and Hass medium. Glutamic acid supplemented only where mentioned).
Extraction was done using 3 volumes of acetone and dried at 60°C. Redissolved polymer (fixed concentration) was used for viscosity measurement.