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Research Article

Strategic Use of English to Study Science: A Perspective from Communities of Practice

Table 1

Differences in reported writing strategy use by students from different schools (private/intn’l and gov/national).

NameStrategyPrivate/Intn’l ( )Gov/national ( )( value)

COG1I often write in Arabic (or if different—my native language)2.021.1353.561.1190.000
COG2I often write in English4.570.8213.700.8530.000
COG3I like to write a draft in Arabic (or if different—my native language) first and then translate it into English1.621.2281.930.9320.011
COG4I edit for content (ideas)3.531.2503.551.1080.933
COG5I edit my organization3.381.3484.050.9040.018
COG6I like to change and make ideas clearer when I write3.841.1554.170.9580.166
COG7I go back to my writing to edit and change the content (ideas)3.571.2173.351.2920.403
COG8I go back to my writing to edit and change my organization3.491.1713.401.1280.648
MET1I read my feedback from my previous writing3.791.1503.511.2270.266
MET2I consider the tasks and instructions carefully before writing 3.731.1333.931.0100.420
MET3I brainstorm ideas and write notes 3.661.1083.661.1750.796
MET4I use my background (world) knowledge to help me with ideas3.921.2344.390.8910.050
MET5I makes notes and plan in Arabic before writing2.001.4412.631.2800.010
MET6I makes notes and plan in English before writing3.741.2733.341.0150.046
MET7I make a timetable for when I will do my writing2.871.2252.491.1650.180
MET8I like to write a draft in English3.811.4553.221.1940.015
MET9I don't write a draft2.641.1942.021.1290.009
MET10I use the feedback to improve my writing next time3.721.1993.331.2280.114
CP1I like to edit my work as I am writing3.851.0923.371.3370.098
CP2I like to edit my work when I have finished writing my draft3.521.3793.761.3190.378
CP3I use a dictionary to check words I am not sure about while I am writing2.961.4143.561.3790.041
CP4I don't use a dictionary until I have finished writing my draft2.101.2872.121.1000.611
CP5I use a grammar book to check things I am not sure about while I am writing1.791.2152.031.1870.270
CP6I don’t use a grammar book until I have finished my draft 2.261.6312.301.3440.609
CP7I edit for grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation3.401.3914.071.0950.016
CP8I use an English-Arabic dictionary (if different—my native language), Arabic (if different—my native language)—English dictionary2.251.4673.181.3570.002
CP9I use an English-English dictionary3.401.6093.621.2900.688
CP10I go back to my writing to edit and change the grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation with a grammar book or a dictionary2.701.3952.951.1540.313
CP11I go back to my writing to edit and change the grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation without a grammar book or a dictionary3.601.1983.281.2400.167
MEM1I read my lesson notes, handouts and course requirements before writing3.700.9723.591.1400.702
MEM2I make notes or try to remember the feedback I get from my work.3.401.3063.321.2690.781
MEM3I record the types of errors I made (e.g., grammar, vocabulary, organization)2.661.3582.231.3100.114
S1I discuss what I am going to write with other students or teachers.3.001.0852.881.0290.709
S2I like to discuss my work with other students or teachers when I finish3.091.2903.101.1940.839
A1I try to write in a comfortable, quiet place where I can concentrate4.111.1714.101.2810.815
A2I give myself a reward when I have finished3.091.5962.971.3680.663
N1I like to start writing immediately without a plan2.581.2922.321.2540.319
N2When I have finished my work I don't look at it again; it is finished2.281.3922.001.1770.374
N3I don't usually remember the feedback I get2.231.2962.601.0330.057
CWSCognitive Writing Strategies3.250.5313.450.5670.115
MWSMetacognitive Writing Strategies3.390.5153.250.5070.158
CPCompensation Writing Strategies2.900.6053.090.6270.053
MEMSMemory Writing Strategies3.250.8623.020.8200.270
SWSSocial Writing Strategies3.051.0162.960.9310.820
AWSAffective Writing Strategies3.601.0483.520.9800.686
NWSNegative Writing Strategies2.360.9752.320.7450.706
OWSOverall Writing Strategies3.120.3713.160.4190.457