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Research Article

Strategic Use of English to Study Science: A Perspective from Communities of Practice

Table 2

Differences in reported writing strategy use by students who hold different qualifications (Tawjihi, High School Diploma, IB, A-levels, and other).

NameStrategyTawhiji ( )High School Diploma ( )IB ( )A-level ( )Other ( )( value)

COG1I often write in Arabic (or if different—my native language)3.661.0722.141.1952.631.5981.750.8661.800.8620.000
COG2I often write in English3.680.8524.481.0784.500.7564.750.4524.470.7430.000
COG3I like to write a draft in Arabic (or if different—my native language) first and then translate it into English1.920.9412.241.6091.130.3541.330.8881.330.7240.020
COG4I edit for content (ideas)3.551.1323.621.2843.751.1653.501.3143.291.2040.936
COG5I edit my organization4.080.8503.381.4653.751.3893.671.3032.931.2070.049
COG6I like to change and make ideas clearer when I write4.180.9553.571.3634.130.8354.091.3003.920.7600.399
COG7I go back to my writing to edit and change the content (ideas)3.341.3213.571.2874.250.8863.420.9963.291.3260.400
COG8I go back to my writing to edit and change my organization3.421.1303.571.1653.871.2463.171.4033.360.9290.693
MET1I read my feedback from my previous writing3.551.1793.761.0914.250.8863.501.2433.671.4470.601
MET2I consider the tasks and instructions carefully before writing 3.970.9723.751.2514.130.9913.501.3823.570.8520.517
MET3I brainstorm ideas and write notes 3.741.1313.481.2094.250.8863.750.9653.331.2340.365
MET4I use my background (world) knowledge to help me with ideas4.420.8893.861.3524.750.4633.421.5054.000.7840.023
MET5I makes notes and plan in Arabic before writing2.631.2822.431.5022.131.5531.671.3711.731.3350.039
MET6I makes notes and plan in English before writing3.391.0283.431.3634.250.7073.501.3823.871.2460.274
MET7I make a timetable for when I will do my writing2.451.1792.861.3892.881.2462.751.1383.001.0690.586
MET8I like to write a draft in English3.261.1313.861.3893.371.6853.831.6423.731.5340.265
MET9I don't write a draft2.051.1612.711.2712.251.0352.671.3032.531.1250.211
MET10I use the feedback to improve my writing next time3.371.2393.861.1954.001.1953.751.2153.141.1670.291
CP1I like to edit my work as I am writing3.421.3283.711.1894.500.5353.501.3143.711.0690.241
CP2I like to edit my work when I have finished writing my draft3.841.2423.521.3273.381.5983.181.6623.671.3450.727
CP3I use a dictionary to check words I am not sure about while I am writing3.581.4262.951.3592.501.3092.751.4853.471.3560.127
CP4I don't use a dictionary until I have finished writing my draft2.111.1102.291.2312.381.5981.821.2501.931.2230.708
CP5I use a grammar book to check things I am not sure about while I am writing1.971.1972.001.3421.130.3541.501.1682.291.2040.095
CP6I don’t use a grammar book until I have finished my draft 2.261.3692.671.7702.381.9231.831.5282.071.2070.705
CP7I edit for grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation4.081.1003.811.1674.001.4143.001.4772.861.4060.016
CP8I use an English-Arabic dictionary (if different—my native language), Arabic (if different—my native language)—English dictionary3.211.3792.571.5681.881.3562.181.5372.071.2690.026
CP9I use an English-English dictionary3.591.3013.291.4193.002.1383.671.6703.641.5500.839
CP10I go back to my writing to edit and change the grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation with a grammar book or a dictionary3.001.1623.141.2762.001.6042.421.0842.571.5050.142
CP11I go back to my writing to edit and change the grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation without a grammar book or a dictionary3.291.2503.811.2094.250.7073.001.2793.361.1510.081
MEM1I read my lesson notes, handouts and course requirements before writing3.631.0763.810.8733.380.7443.751.0553.531.3560.837
MEM2I make notes or try to remember the feedback I get from my work.3.321.2973.481.2093.001.5123.581.3113.361.3360.900
MEM3I record the types of errors I made (e.g. grammar, vocabulary, organization)2.211.3392.861.2762.130.9912.831.6972.501.2860.338
S1I discuss what I am going to write with other students or teachers.2.951.0123.191.2093.121.1262.550.9342.801.0140.530
S2I like to discuss my work with other students or teachers when I finish3.081.2173.001.2253.131.3563.331.3713.071.3280.98
A1I try to write in a comfortable, quiet place where I can concentrate4.161.2633.711.3474.620.5184.331.1554.071.1630.404
A2I give myself a reward when I have finished2.921.3633.331.5602.631.6853.581.5642.711.5900.403
N1I like to start writing immediately without a plan2.261.2882.481.3272.130.6412.671.3713.001.3090.295
N2When I have finished my work I don't look at it again; it is finished1.921.1482.671.4261.630.9162.001.6512.501.2250.119
N3I don't usually remember the feedback I get2.551.0322.331.3542.380.7442.421.7302.001.1090.531
CWSCognitive Writing Strategies3.480.5713.320.5413.500.5553.200.5253.020.4390.080
MWSMetacognitive Writing Strategies3.280.4953.390.5973.620.3053.230.5313.250.4980.361
CPCompensation Writing Strategies3.120.5873.070.5932.850.5432.630.4682.830.7790.067
MEMSMemory Writing Strategies3.050.7773.380.7842.830.9593.390.8863.040.9990.442
SWSSocial Writing Strategies3.010.9113.101.1463.121.0262.950.7822.871.0930.943
AWSAffective Writing Strategies3.540.9543.521.2393.630.9163.960.7533.371.0930.661
NWSNegative Writing Strategies2.250.7222.490.9232.040.5182.361.4102.530.8240.485
OWSOverall Writing Strategies3.180.3903.210.4543.170.1533.020.2403.000.4650.358