Research Article

Can HLA-DRB4 Help to Identify Asthmatic Patients at Risk of Churg-Strauss Syndrome?

Table 3

Main clinical and laboratory characteristics of the 60 HLA-DRB4 positive and 99 HLA-DRB4 negative asthmatic patients. Categorical variables are reported as percentage.

DRB4 positive DRB4 negative OR95% CI

Severe persistent asthma before treatment 26.712.1<0.022.641.48–6.06
Emergency admission for near fatal or severe hypoxaemic asthma 20.05.0<–14.12
Chronic rhinosinusitis 35.016.2<0.012.791.31–5.93
History of nasal polypectomy31.714.1<0.012.811.28–6.17
Patients with eosinophils > 1000/ L23.311.1<0.052.431.02–5.79
Beclomethasone > 1000  g daily°41.715.2<0.00141.89–8.48
LABA 86.776.7 0.121.970.82–4.74
Third controller 21.710.1<0.052.461.00–6.04
Continuous or near continuous (>50% of year) prednisone 16.75.1<0.023.761.22–11.60
Final FEV1 < 80% 15.05.0<0.053.321.06–10.43
Persistent airflow obstruction 10.02.0 0.065.941.54–30.53

Or equivalents/daily.