International Scholarly Research Notices / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Randomized, Controlled Comparison of Advanced Hemostatic Pads in Hepatic Surgical Models

Table 1

Differences between Hemopatch and TachoSil at 3, 5, 7, and 10 minutes after application in hemostatic success and bleeding rates after controlling for pretreatment bleeding rate. Hemopatch had superior hemostatic success relative to TachoSil at all-time points based on the odds ratio of success, where a lower 95% confidence interval greater than one indicates superiority of Hemopatch. Hemopatch had significantly less blood loss than TachoSil at all-time points based on the difference of blood loss, where an upper 95% confidence interval less than zero indicates statistical significance.

Time after applicationHemostatic success (odds ratio: Hemopatch/TachoSil)Difference of bleeding rate (difference: Hemopatch-TachoSil)
Odds ratioTwo-sided 95% confidence interval for odds ratioTwo-sided 
Difference (mL/min)Two-sided 95% confidence interval for difference (mL/min)Two-sided 

324.88.86 to 69.2<0.001−0.32−0.47 to −0.17<0.001
566.328.5 to 153.9<0.001−0.56−0.74 to −0.37<0.001
7177.564.4 to 489.1<0.001−0.79−1.03 to −0.55<0.001
10777.6148.2 to 4078<0.001−1.14−1.49 to −0.79<0.001