Table 1: Targeted joints examined by means of CEUS before and at 12 months of anti-TNF therapy.

Patient numberJoint

1MCF II finger, left hand
2MTF I toe, right foot
3Right ankle
4Left wrist
5IFP IV finger, left hand
6Right wrist
7MTF I toe, left foot
8Left ankle
9IFP III toe, right foot
10MCF III finger, left hand
11IFP III finger, right hand
12Left wrist
13MTF I toe, right foot
14MCF III finger, right hand
15MTF III toe, left foot
16IFD II finger, right hand
17IFP II finger, left hand
18IFP II finger, left hand
19MTF I toe, right foot
20IFP V finger, right hand
21Right wrist
22IFP II finger, right hand
23IFP III finger, left hand
24IFP II finger, left hand
25IF I finger, left hand

MCF: metacarpal phalangeal joint; MTF: metatarsal phalangeal joint; IFP: interphalangeal proximal joint; IFD: interphalangeal distal joint; interphalangeal joint.