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Research Article

Toxicity and Loss of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Induced by Alkyl Gallates in Trypanosoma cruzi

Table 1

Antitrypanosomal activity of gallic acid (1) and n-alkyl gallates (214) against epimastigote forms of Trypanosoma cruzi. IC50 values were expressed in M.


Gallic acid (1)H0.89>100b
Methyl gallate (2)CH30.92>100b
Ethyl gallate (3)CH2CH31.27>100b
Propyl gallate (4)CH31.73>100b
Butyl gallate (5)CH32.13>100b
Pentyl gallate (6)CH32.53>100b
Hexyl gallate (7)CH32.92>100b
Heptyl gallate (8)CH33.3237.3 ± 0.9
Octyl gallate (9)CH33.7223.0 ± 5.3
Nonyl gallate (10)CH34.112.90 ± 0.1
Decyl gallate (11)CH34.511.50 ± 0.3
Undecyl gallate (12)CH34.901.46 ± 0.0
Dodecyl gallate (13)CH35.302.13 ± 0.2
Tetradecyl gallate (14)CH36.0917.6 ± 1.8

aValues described by Rosso and coworkers (2006) [16].
bPercentage of inhibition at 100 M.
cPositive control.