International Scholarly Research Notices / 2015 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Toxicity and Loss of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Induced by Alkyl Gallates in Trypanosoma cruzi

Table 2

Synergism evaluation between hypothetical IC50 values used for calculation of FIC index.

(gallates alone)
(gallates with benznidazole)
FIC indexInteraction type

Gallic acid (01)294a17.42.017I
Methyl gallate (02)271a15.31.786I
Ethyl gallate (03)252a10.21.193I
Propyl gallate (04)235a8.901.043I
Butyl gallate (05)221a7.470.878A
Pentyl gallate (06)208a6.020.708A
Hexyl gallate (07)196a2.280.257S
Heptyl gallate (08)37.30.640.084S
Octyl gallate (09)6.490.620.165S
Nonyl gallate (10)0.860.440.560A
Decyl gallate (11)0.460.240.548A
Undecyl gallate (12)0.470.320.716A
Dodecyl gallate (13)0.720.510.765A
Tetradecyl gallate (14)6.440.580.155S

aHypothetical IC50 value used for calculating of FIC index.
bPositive control.
I, A, and S mean indifferent interaction, antagonism, and synergism, respectively.