Figure 5: Effects of blocking mAbs in the presence of rNIF on transendothelial migration of eosinophils across IL-4activated HUVEC monolayers. Eosinophils were either incubated with the control mAb W6/32 (anti HLA α-chain) or CLB54 (anti-CD18), HP2/1 (anti-VLA-4), 25.1 (anti-CD11a), 60.1 (anti-CD11b), or 107 (anti-CD11b MIDAS) alone (white bars) or with 10 nM rNIF (black bars). All mAbs were used at saturating concentrations of 10 μg/mL. Results are means of triplicate determinations ± SD of a representative example out of a series of three experiments (* indicates ).