Table 2: Details of included studies.

Serial numberAuthorYearPlaceSample size Age/sexIntervention and doseComparator and doseFollow-up (years)Outcomes studiedConflict of interestsFunding

1Mihrshahi et al. [29]2003Australia616/5546–18 months/ botho-3–rich tuna fish oil (500 mg) from the age of 6 months.Sunola oil 1Number of episodes of wheeze or cough lasting for >1 week not associated with coldsNone Institute of Health

2Marks et al. [30]2006Australia616/5166 months to 5 yearsOil capsules with 500 mg tuna fish oil (37% o-3 PUFA + 6% o-6) Oil capsules with 0.3% o-3 + 7% o-6 PUFA5 Episodes of wheeze, asthmaNone Institute of Health

3Birch et al. [31]2010 USA147/89 <5 days–12 months/ bothDHA and ARA as 0.32%–0.36% and 0.64%–0.72% of total FA Enfamil with iron3 Diagnoses of wheezing, asthmaNone National Institute of Health USA

4D’Vaz et al. [32]2012Australia420/3230–6 months/ both650 mg fish oil capsules (280 mg DHA + 110 mg EPA) daily650 mg olive oil (66.6% n-9 oleic acid)0.5Physician diagnosed IgE-mediated asthma episodesNone National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

5Ng et al. [33]2010Australia616/450Birth to 5 years/ bothOil capsules, 500 mg tuna fish oil (37% o-3 PUFA + 6% o-6 PUFA)500 mg Sunola oil capsules (0.3% o-3 + 7% o-6 PUFA)8 ARR of wheezing episodes, asthmaNone Institute of Health

DHA: docosahexaenoic acid; EPA: eicosapentaenoic acid; ARA: arachidonic acid; PUFA: polyunsaturated fatty acid; ARR: absolute risk reduction; o-3: omega-3; o-6: omega-6; FA: fatty acids; sample size: number of participants who were given supplements/number of participants who completed the trial.