Journal of Allergy / 2016 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Validation of the English Version of the Scale for Psychosocial Factors in Food Allergy and the Relationship with Mental Health, Quality of Life, and Self-Efficacy

Table 4

Hierarchical regression model showing significant predictors for the psychosocial impact of food allergy (SPS-FA scores) on the parent.

PredictorsStandardised β
Step Step

Age of parent−.09−.05
Age of child−.07.09
Number of allergies .20 .11
Anaphylaxis −.05−.04
Hospitalisation −.14−.05
Asthma −.14−.04
Cow’s milk allergy.03.09
Egg allergy−.03−.04
Food allergy QoL (FAQL-PB) .52
Food allergy self-efficacy (FASE-P) −.11
General health questionnaire (GHQ12) .24

Adj .12.56

; ;
QoL: quality of life; FAIM: food allergy independent measure.