Journal of Allergy / 2017 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Exploring the Concern about Food Allergies among Secondary School and University Students in Ontario, Canada: A Descriptive Analysis

Table 3

Individual associations between student characteristics and stated concern about food allergies (1-strongly disagree to 5-strongly agree) among high school and university undergraduate participants (Ontario, Canada), circa February 2015 (each adjusting for survey source; ); 95% confidence intervals (CIs) that do not contain the value “1” are shown in bold.

Coefficient95% CI

Age (in years)−0.03−0.06, 0.01
Gender (referent: male)0.110.03, 0.20
Works or volunteers in
 Restaurant/other food service location0.03−0.08, 0.14
 Daycare0.180.05, 0.31
 Hospital0.01−0.23, 0.24
 Retirement home/long-term care facility−0.01−0.20, 0.19
Handles food for the public in any of the above settings0.120.01, 0.23
Had previously taken a food preparation course0.170.08, 0.26
Self-described cooking ability (referent: “Don’t know how to cook”)
  “Can only cook when the instructions are on the box”−0.13−0.37, 0.10
  “Can do the basics from scratch (like boil an egg)…”−0.18−0.40, 0.04
  “Can prepare simple meals if they have a recipe to follow”−0.13−0.33, 0.07
  “Can cook almost anything”−0.71−0.28, 0.14