Table 3: Reactivated Co(II) and Mn(II) enzymes substituted from apo-metalloproteases.

ClanSubclanName of enzymeReplaced IonReference

MAEAminopeptidase EyCo2+, Mn2+Tanaka and Ichishima [21]
MAEAminopeptidase BCo2+Hirose et al. [22]
MAESaccharolysinCo2+, Mn2+Achstetter et al. [23] and Büchler et al. [24]
MAELysyl aminopeptidaseCo2+, Mn2+Klein et al. [25]
MAEOligopeptidase FCo2+, Mn2+Yan et al. [26] and Monnet et al. [27]
MAEMycolysin (Thermolysin)Co2+, Mn2+ Co2+ (200%), Mn2+ (10%)Chang and Lee [28], and Holmquist and Vallee [29]
MAEOligopeptidase OCo2+
Mn2+ (50%)
Tan et al. [30] and Baankreis et al. [31]
MAE HyicolysinCo2+Ayora and Götz [32]
MEELegionella metalloendopeptidaseMn2+ (69%)Dreyfus and Iglewski [33]
MAAEpralysinCo2+ (58%)Diermayr et al. [34]
MAMAstacinCo2+ (140%)Gomis-Rüth et al. [5]
Mn2+ (200%)
Nonaka et al. [35]
MAM MEPCo2+ (80%)
Mn2+ (30%)
Nonaka et al. [35]

aPeptidyl-Lys metallopeptidase; bGrifola frondosa; cPleurotus ostreatus.