Journal of Amino Acids / 2012 / Article / Fig 3

Research Article

Correlation of TrpGly and GlyTrp Rotamer Structure with W7 and W10 UV Resonance Raman Modes and Fluorescence Emission Shifts

Figure 3

Spectra for TrpGly at pH 5.5 (dotted line) and pH 9.3 (dot-dash line), and GlyTrp at pH 5.5 (solid line) and pH 9.3 (bold line). (a) Fluorescence emission spectra, 279 nm excitation, 2 nm slits, 1 sec acquisition time, and 1 nm step size. The GlyTrp emission spectra are normalized to those for TrpGly. (b) UVRR W10 band.