Research Article

The Total Solar Irradiance, UV Emission and Magnetic Flux during the Last Solar Cycle Minimum

Figure 1

The daily values of the total irradiance (TSI) during the time 10 March 2007–23 January 2010 ((a), upper red line) in W/m2; the variations of the UV in the range of 115–180 nm ((a), bottom purple line) in mW/m2; the WSO absolute values of the magnetic field strength of the line-of-sight component (magnetic flux, ) integrated over the latitude from −40° to 40° and from −90° to 90° over the longitude ((b), upper blue line) in milliTesla (mT); the daily integrated sunspot area is represented as thousandths of the solar hemisphere ((b), bottom black lines). The beginning and the end of the deep minimum are marked by arrows.