Research Article

Self-Assessment of Problem Solving Disposition in Medical Students

Table 3

Summary of 135 student’s self-assessment of their problem solving skills.

ItemMeanStandard deviationCorrected item-total correlationCronbach’s alpha if item is deleted

Knowledge of discipline (3) I easily remember concepts that I learned long ago.2.5701.0180.3990.853
Level Total2.5701.018

Pattern recognition (1) I acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses on a particular topic.1.5410.8620.6930.827
(2) I recognize how much information I have about a concept.1.4520.7300.6520.809
Level Total1.4960.798

Application of general strategies for problem solving (7) I seek alternative solutions before making a decision.1.3500.7380.7230.810
(10) I decide the solution of a problem from evaluating several options.1.4030.7570.7860.813
(11) I identify alternative solutions to problems.1.4100.6960.7240.804
(12) I am able to focus on a problem.1.5440.8370.6790.831
Level Total1.4270.760