Research Article

The State of Nutrition Education at US Medical Schools

Table 1

Nutrition instruction hours in various contexts at US medical schools that taught nutrition during the 2012/2013 academic year*.

Course/contextNutritionIntegratedBiochemistryPhysiologyClinical practice

Number of schools2282453555
Number of hours of nutrition instruction in this context, average (SD)13.8 (7.3)12.6 (10.4)6.4 (6.0)4.2 (3.2)6.4 (6.6)
Total 4-year nutrition curriculum hours at schools using nutrition instruction in this form, average (SD)22.2 (8.6)22.1 (13.7)21.7 (11.4)23.1 (11.7)24.2 (14.8)
Percent of total instruction provided in that course/context, average (SD)66.7 (27.5)60.3 (31.3)31.8 (27.6)24.3 (25.6)25.1 (14.4)

121/133 US medical schools responded to a survey that began in 2012. Most schools that provided nutrition education did so in more than one type of course or context. SD indicates standard deviation.