Research Article

Working with Individuals Who Provide Nursing Care to Educate Older Adults about Foodborne Illness Prevention: The Food Safety Because You Care! Intervention

Table 2

Respondents’ opinions of the booklet ( = 88).

Statement% strongly agree% agree% neither agree nor disagree% disagree% strongly disagree% do not remember/no answer

After reading the booklet I now feel better prepared to advise older adults and/or their caregivers to safely prepare food.54.636.

The information in this booklet was easy to understand.

Reading this booklet made me more aware of food safety.56.835.

I learned at least one new thing regarding food safety after reading the booklet.

Reading this booklet has shown me that I do not know enough about properly preparing food for older adults.21.633.023.915.94.61.1

There was too much information to read.5.718.222.734.117.12.3

I thought the information was interesting. 47.743.25.701.12.3

The booklet was tailored to older adults.23.940.920.511.42.31.1

I found the information to be credible.48.942.14.602.32.3

Adults aged 60 or older are at an increased risk of getting food poisoning or foodborne illness.56.829.