Table 1: Comparison of microparticle testing technologies.

TechnologyPrincipleManufacturerInvasive1Standards, dilutions requiredTrained specialist requiredMP separation requiredPrep.
time [min]
Time/test [min]Daily maintenance

ThromboLUXDLSLightIntegraNoNoNo No58No

Flow cytometerStatic light scattering, fluorescenceAbbott, Becton Dickinson amongst othersNoYesYes Yes 30+5–10Yes

Micro flow cytometerStatic light scattering, fluorescenceApogee flow systemsNoYesYes Yes30+Yes

qNano GoldSize exclusion chromatographyIzon ScienceYesYesYes Yes10–15No

NanoSightDLS particle trackingMalvernYesYesYes Yes156–75No

ELISADouble antibody sandwich techniqueJIMRO Co. Ltd., Diagnostica StagoNoYesYes Yes30+5–10No

test is considered invasive if the required sample volume is larger than what can be aseptically obtained from a tubing segment.
only usable for 6–8 hours. of microparticles by differential centrifugation or size exclusion chromatography required, dynamic light scattering (DLS), microparticles (MP), and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).