Table 6: Project design parameters section categories of decision support criteria.

Category 1: civil building design

DescriptionConsidering the desired civil building design to determine the level of work needed to reach the design criteria
ElementsService and storage necessities, site utilities, earthwork, subsurface work, elevation and profile views, equipment location, paving/curbs, landscape, fencing/site security, storm drainage system, underground utilities location and route, minimum overhead clearances, and design for safety

Category 2: interior building design

Description Addressing the interior building design issues and recognizing the necessary level of effort to reach the desired design criteria
Elements Building requirements, accessibility requirements, character of building design, construction materials, acoustical considerations, planning and zoning review boards, circulation considerations, technological sophistication, color/material and hardware standards, furnishings criteria, design grid, and reuse of equipment

Category 3: structural characteristics

Description Determining the structural design issues and the level of effort needed to meet the desired criteria
Elements Structural system, foundation system, future expansion/flexibility considerations, design load parameters, corrosion control, protective coating requirements, and functional spatial constraints

Category 4: mechanical/electrical/plumbing characteristics

Description Developing mechanical and electrical design parameters and rating the level of effort necessary to meet the desired design criteria
Elements Equipment life cycle costs, energy conservation, consumption and life cycle cost, zoning and controls, air circulation requirements, design conditions, building emissions, system redundancy conditions, plumbing requirements, fire protection, alternate energy systems, lighting considerations, outdoor lighting, and emergency power requirements

Category 5: building user safety

Description Rating the level of work effort needed to meet all safety requirements for building operations
Elements Fire and explosion resistance, area of refuge, safety and alarms, hazardous materials treatment, emergency equipment, shelters, egress, and disaster communications