Table 9: Clinical trials performed with Novasorb.

YearPhase typeProductObjectivesIndicationNo. of patients

2003Phase IVehicle no.1Tolerance and safetyNone16
2004Phase IITolerance and safety,
Exploratory efficacy
Dry eye50
2005Phase IICationorm
(Vehicle no.2)
Efficacy, tolerance, and safetyDry eye79
2010Phase IIEfficacy, tolerance, and safetyDry eye71
2005Phase IIaCyclokatTolerance and safety
Exploratory efficacy
Dry eye disease48
2008Phase IIbExploratory efficacy, tolerance, and safetyDry eye disease132
2009Phase III “Siccanove”Efficacy, tolerance, and safetyDry eye disease496
2011Phase III “Sansika”Efficacy, tolerance, and safetyDry eye disease252
2006Phase IIb/IIIVekaciaEfficacy, tolerance, and safetyActive VKC118
2009Phase IIbEfficacy, tolerance, and safetyNonactive VKC34
2011Phase IICatioprostExploratory efficacy, open-label studyGlaucomaNA
2011Phase IIbExploratory efficacy, tolerance, and safetyGlaucoma100

VKC: Vernal keratoconjunctivitis.