Journal of Ecosystems / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Preliminary Study on Physico-Chemical Parameters and Phytoplankton of Chiffa River (Blida, Algeria)

Table 1

Monthly variations of mean values of physico-chemical parameters in Chiffa river.

ParametersAprilMayJuneJulyAugustAlgerian guidelinesWHO Standards

EC (mS cm−1)1.000.901.030.871.062800180–1000
(mg L−1)3.000.677.000.000.005050
(mg L−1)≤0.1
(mg L−1)≤0.1
(mg L−1)0.060.940.
Na+ (mg L−1)47.0019.3341.3343.6744.33100150
Cl (mg L−1) 46.6735.6752.0048.0047.33250250
Ca2+ (mg L−1)101.6783.33104.6790.3392.0075200
Mg2+ (mg L−1)34.6737.6731.0027.3330.335050
Org. m. (mg L−1)3.931.130.401.431.23<5
Chl.a (µg L−1)0.701.879.95132.385.56
(mg L−1)242.7248.7224.7219.7219.3200

Temp: temperature; EC: electrical conductivity; : nitrate; : nitrite; : Ammoniac; : Phosphate; Na+: Sodium; Cl: Chloride; Ca2+: Calcium; Mg2+: Magnesium; Org m.: organic matter; Chl.a: Chlorophyll a; : Bicarbonate.